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Pine Straw for Landscaping



Pine straw has over the years gained popularity as landscape mulch. It consists of fallen and carefully cleaned pine needles from pine trees. Pine mulch is a renewable, organic and natural resource that provides beauty and benefits the plants. It is no doubt that many homeowners, landscapers, business owners and developers have chosen to use pine straw as their preferred organic mulch.


One advantage of using pine straw is that it is not easily blown away by the wind because of the needle interlocks over time and last a reasonable amount of time without needing to be replaced. They gradually break down and enrich the soil.  Pine straw is reasonably priced hence making it affordable for everyone.


How to Spread and Install Pine Straw

Most likely, you are aware of the fact that there are different types of pine straw; long needle, short, and slash needle. They all come from different species of the pine tree and have a difference regarding their appearance and quality.  The best type of pine mulch to use is the long needle pine straw. The needles are much longer, brighter in color, and contain more resin. This kind of pine straw also holds its color five times longer than the other types, has a fluffier appearance that tucks better and a resin content that mostly reduces decomposition.


Spreading of the long needle pine straw can be done any time of the year. Pine straw helps to naturally block weeds, help in moisture conservation and improves the appearance of your landscape. The depth of spreading the straw depends on whether there is an existing layer of mulch on the pop ground, or whether you are covering new ground.  If there is a good base mulch, you will only need to spread a thin layer just to freshen things up.  If it a fresh landscaping ground, you will want to spread the straw a bit more maybe three or four inches thick to build a good base.   Avoid spreading the straw too thick over the root system of plants. If too much is covered, water from the rain will be prevented from infiltrating.


After spreading the straw, the next thing is to tuck it around the borders.  Tucking ensures that the pine straw stays within the borders and that it looks presentable giving your landscape bed a raised look. When installing the quick straw, ensure that you spread a thin layer along the outside of the border of the bed as well.   After spreading the straw, stand inside the bed and use a leaf rake to pull the straw spread outside the bed towards the bed line so that you get a fluffed up raised bed look.


Pine straw has numerous benefits: prevents weeds from growing, keeps off pests, retains soil moisture and regulates temperature. Besides beauty, these are some other reasons why you should consider installing a pine straw mulch.