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Pine Straw Ground Cover Companies



A pine straw ground cover company is a company that specifically use pine straw for mulching or landscaping. Pine straw as the name suggests, comes from the pine trees common in temperate regions of the world. These pine trees shed their needle like pine straws which can be later collected from below the trees so that they could be used somewhere else. There are very many different types of pine straw depending on the region they are found. These pine straws are shed throughout the year making their supply to be constant. The pine tree, however, is usually unharmed by the processes involved in the collection of these pine straws.


The use of pine straw in the landscaping industry is encouraged since they offer an environmentally friendly way of land care. Also for a land to be free of any environmental pollution, pine straw helps to solve problems of erosion. The straw offer protection to a land against fast moving water and heavy downpour as well. Evaporation is also an environmental hazard that is reduced significantly through the use of pine straw in landscaping. This assists in the stabilization of a land and to maintain good soil properties.


A land freshly prepared and covered with pine straw atlanta will later prove its effectiveness when the temperatures go down to freezing levels. Pine straw, therefore, can protect the plants especially the young plants from freezing. This is due to the microclimate that is created by the pine straw. It is, therefore, a good idea to cover your land using pine straw in the case of an impending temperature drop. This idea even becomes more serious when the plants in that particular piece of land are young plants that are still in the early stages of growth.


Moreover, the temperature in these lands is maintained at a constant. A land that is well covered usually record a stability in temperature conditions. These stable temperatures are a good sign of a land that plays home to some plants. Many plant varieties do well in such environments. Covering the ground using pine straw might be due to various reasons. One can decide to it for decorative purposes while others do this for land protection purposes. In case this activity is carried out for decorative and landscaping purposes, the pine straws should be changed regularly. The replacement of the straws should be done at least twice a year.


There are various companies that provide this type of services commercially. These companies are specialized and offer additional information about this process. The reason for using pine straw for mulching may be one way to assist someone to seek information from a particular company.